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Inspired by Italian.
Influenced by Canadian.


our philosophy

We are restaurateurs and caterers who love all things food and food related. Our kitchen is inspired by Italian traditions and influenced by our Canadian heritage. At LOCALE, we want our passion for food, hospitality and service to always exceed your expectations.


We focus on fresh, simple, classic food and display it beautifully. We run an ‘artigiano’ kitchen and cook from scratch using local, seasonal & organic ingredients when available. We support and are members of the slow food movement; go to for more information.


The Kitchen


Chef Andrea Censorio
Head Chef

Locale’s classic, locally-inspired fare is crafted under the direction of head chef Andrea Censorio. Having worked in kitchens in Toronto, Italy, and Dubai, Censorio’s culinary skills are as diverse as his experiences. Cooking professionally for over 12 years and earning Red Seal certification, he has trained in classic French cuisine, mastered authentic Italian techniques, and crafted fine-dining experiences in well-known restaurants across the globe. These opportunities have allowed him to bring the best of many worlds to Locale by blending flavours, traditions, and methods to create wholesome and satisfying dishes.

For Censorio, food is best served fresh, simple, and from scratch. With his advanced culinary skills and passion for exploring new possibilities, Censorio has transformed Locale’s menu by using local and sustainable ingredients to craft beautifully plated dishes both long-time guests and new customers love.

Chef Arturo Arias
Sous Chef

Chef Arturo Arias inherited his love for cooking from his grandmother. Determined to continue her tradition of creating joy by crafting fantastic meals, Arias has worked at a variety of well-known GTA restaurants and establishments. He mastered Italian culinary techniques at Jamie’s Italian; strengthened his butchery skills at The Healthy Butcher; and developed an expertise in fine dining at North 44, Canoe, and Buca. Through these opportunities, Arias has learned that good food comes from having a deep respect for fresh, high-quality ingredients. At Locale, he uses his extensive experience, passion for food, and eye for detail to inspire the kitchen to reimagine classic fare.

Chef Daniel Fiori
Sous Chef

Chef Daniel Fiori developed a passion for the culinary arts while cooking alongside his mother and grandparents as a child. This passion only intensified as he completed the culinary management program at George Brown College, mastered fundamental techniques at The Keg, and learned the art of blending flavours while working at a restaurant on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. With his rich experience, positive energy, and knowledge of regional Italian classics, Fiori brings a unique culinary influence to Locale. Working collaboratively with Chef Censorio, he harnesses the power of high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to create Locale’s wholesome, inspired dishes.

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